What do we do in SOCINTO?

This is a great project that seeks to integrate academic and professional field, SOCINTO born in a spirit of cooperation and give way to the first National Society Science of Occupational Therapy in Spain.

The aims of SOCINTO are:

  1. Contribute to scientific and technological development of occupational therapy in our country.
  2. Act as a partner skilled in the areas of competence, both of civil society as its representative authorities.
  3. Promote and encourage the role of scientific research in occupational therapy and contribute to their diffusion as a necessary ingredient of the society.

We want to facilitate the research work of the spanish occupational therapists. Collect research realice by the spanish therapists or in the spanish population, disseminate and transmit this information, as well as establishing working groups and cooperation with other international science entities.”.

On this website you can access latest ArticlesThesis of occupational therapy and also facilitate the visibility of your work, publishing the data of your articles-thesis through our links.